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The LifeGuide Community Website

Please note that the LifeGuide Community Website is updated 9am - 10am on Wednesday mornings. This is to allow us to make important updates to the website. This will not effect any data collection of interventions but may affect the use of the site for testing, commenting and other general use.

LifeGuide Communication

How can I keep up to date with important announcements about LifeGuide?

I want to stop receiving emails and updates about LifeGuide - How can I do this?

The LifeGuide Authoring Tool

How do I download the Authoring tool?

Uploading and downloading interventions

How do I upload an intervention to the LifeGuide Community website?

How can I change the name of an intervention once I have uploaded it?

How long will my intervention remain on the LifeGuide Community website?

How do I download an intervention from the LifeGuide Community site?

Sharing and commenting on interventions

How do I share my intervention with other researchers in my team?

How do I share my intervention with everyone on the LifeGuide Community website?

How do I view an intervention I have been invited to?

How do I make a comment on an intervention?

How do I view and export all comments made about my intervention?

Exporting data

How do I export data from my intervention?

Anonymised data downloads

Demo and Tutorial interventions

What are Demo interventions?

What are Tutorial interventions?

Discussion Boards

What does Follow this board mean?

Other functions

What does play the intervention (debug mode) mean?

Deleting emails due to be sent to participants

The Live Website

Please note that the Live website is updated occasionally on Wednesday mornings between 9am and 10 am. During this time, the website and your intervention may not be accessible.

Going Live

How do I make my intervention live?

How do I upload an intervention to the LifeGuide Live server?

Sharing the intervention with participants

Something has gone wrong with my live intervention and a variable has not been saved. What can I do?

Adding researchers to a live intervention

Other Questions

My question does not relate to any of the above