How do I share my intervention with other researchers in my team?

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How do I share my intervention with other researchers in my team?

The LifeGuide Community website has been designed to facilitate collaborative development and design of online interventions.

You will first need to create an intervention folder and upload an intervention to your folder in order to share the intervention with selected users.

To share your intervention with members of your research team:

  • Choose Edit on you intervention folder
  • Under Researchers, type in the email address of the person you would like to share your intervention folder with and click on 'send invitation'. They will then be sent an email with a link and a code to enter to enable them to be added to their folder (if they are not yet registered on the LifeGuide Community website, they will be prompted to do this first).
  • These researchers will be added to your list of current researchers and will be able to play and/or comment on any new interventions that you add to that folder.

The names of any other registered LifeGuide users who you have shared your intervention folders with in the past are kept in the list to the left. These can be added to the current list of researchers by selecting their name and then clicking the 'add researcher' button.

  • You may wish to notify your team that the intervention is ready to view. You can do this through the LifeGuide Community site by selecting the Email the Intervention Researchers link under the Intervention Operations list on the Intervention Details page.

Researchers can be removed by:

  • going into the Edit page,
  • selecting the researcher in the current researchers box
  • selecting the remove researcher button

If you wish to share your intervention with others, you can give [this document] to them. It contains instructions on how to accept an invitation for a folder you have been invited to and how to make comments on the intervention.