How do I download an intervention from the LifeGuide Community site?

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How do I download an intervention from the LifeGuide community site?

You will already need to have downloaded the LifeGuide authoring tool (see How do I download the Authoring tool? for more details).

  • Select the Download option on the intervention that you wish to download and select OK
    • Detailed instructions for FireFox users
      • Double click the file in the downloads page and wait for it to open
      • Select Extract all files
      • Click Next
      • Browse to find the folder containing the LifeGuide Authoring tool (this should be on C drive folder of your computer (in My Computer)).
      • Select the Workspace folder from the authoring tool folder and select Make New Folder and give your folder a name.(NB: You will need to have opened the authoring tool at least once before in order to see the Workspace folder)
      • Click Next and then Finish

You now need to import the intervention into the authoring tool to view or edit it.

  • Open the LifeGuide Authoring tool
  • Select File in the main menu
  • Select Import Project
  • Browse to find the correct project from the Workspace folder and click OK
  • Click Finish