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To download anonymous data:

  1. Go to the Intervention Details page on the LifeGuide Community or Live server
  2. Select View/Export detailed statistics
  3. Click Export Data in the box above Sessions List
  4. Select the options you want to export with
  5. Scroll down to Fields to include in Session Details
  6. Look down the page for identifiable fields. These include are any fields which can in themselves, or in combination, uniquely identify a person. For example:
    • Username* (this may include email address, name, home address or date of birth)
    • Full postcode and first name
    • Email address
    • First name and Surname
    • Full Address
    • GP address, age and surname
    • Date of Birth and place of birth
  7. Click on the box next to the field to remove the tick
  8. Click Export

*NOTE: LifeGuide gives each user a unique 5-digit user number which you can use to uniquely identify anonymised users in the data download instead of using their username.

Download anony data.png