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Mediawiki formatting guidelines

[ Mediawiki formatting guidelines]

Editing the Wiki

==Editing the Wiki==

Sub Heading

===Sub Heading===
Strike through
<s>Strike through</s>
Coloured text
<span style="color:red;">Coloured text</span>
Highlighted text
<span style="background:yellow;">Highlighted text</span>
Different font
<span style="font-family:cursive;">Different font</span>
'''''<span style="font-family:serif;background:pink;color:teal"><s>Mixed</s><br/> styles</span>'''''
          ......Non-Breaking-Space (lots of spaces in a line)
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;......Non-Breaking-Space (lots of spaces in a line)

Lifeguide code like sendemail is automatically highlighted!

<code>Lifeguide code like sendemail is automatically highlighted!</code>

To add pictures:

  1. Log in
  2. Go to Upload File on the left of the screen
  3. Upload a file
  4. Note the filename
  5. Paste the following text:
    [[File:Euroqolscale.png|none|50px|alt=Screenshot of 0 to 100 scale]]
  6. Change the filename
  7. Change the description after alt
  8. Choose either none or center to position your image to the left or centre of the screen.
  9. Change 50px to your preferred width. Make sure you can read the text, but don't make it too big!
  10. Place the [[File:Euroqolscale.png|none|50px|alt=Screenshot of 0 to 100 scale]] at the end of the line of text you want it to follow
    Screenshot of 0 to 100 scale
    Like this line of text with the image at the end.[[File:Euroqolscale.png|none|50px|alt=Screenshot of 0 to 100 scale]]
  11. Press enter for a new line
  12. Continue your page