Useful acronyms to keep in mind throughout the creation of each intervention

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Engaging layout and presentation

Remember your SLICES!

S – Keep things Spacious e.g. plenty of white space

L – Keep things Large e.g. font size, buttons, response options

I – Keep things Interesting e.g. images, diagrams, charts

C – Keep things Consistent e.g. layout, design, ordering, positioning

E – Keep Emphasis on important information e.g. bullet points, ordering of information on the page, optional click-throughs

S - Keep things Simple e.g. language, short sentences, boxes, avoid scrolling

Development tips

Avoid TROUBLES when building your intervention in LifeGuide!

T – Use Templates and draft materials in Word/Powerpoint

R – Keep Records e.g. page names, object names, solved errors etc.

O – Keep things in the right Order

U – Use consistent and meaningful Unique names

BBreak your intervention down into small steps or tasks

L – Use Lowercase for writing logic

E – Collect Essential information from users at the start

S – Group your logic into Sections

Testing tips

  • Testing is incredibly time-consuming! – Prioritise problems
  • Test sections/chunks at at time rather than the whole intervention
  • Test different browsers and operating systems
  • Write testing scripts and checklists

T – Proofread for Typos


SSaving data

TTailoring and Timing

IInteractions and error messages


GGraphics and visual appearance