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The LifeGuide Wiki

Lifeguide is a set of open source software tools that make it easier for people with no IT training to design sophisticated websites for research. It has been designed and is maintained by the Psychology and Computer Science departments at the University of Southampton.

This Wiki provides information on how to design, build, test, deploy and access data using Lifeguide.

Download the Essential Guide to LifeGuide Intervention Development here

What is LifeGuide?

Is LifeGuide the right tool for you? This section gives you a brief introduction to LifeGuide.

LifeGuide Video Tutorials

This section has a series of simple video tutorials that guide you through making an intervention from start to finish.

Getting Started with LifeGuide

This will tell you how to download and install the LifeGuide authoring tool and access the Lifeguide community website.

Designing your LifeGuide Intervention

This will give you some pointers on how to design your intervention (including some common pitfalls to avoid!).

Building your LifeGuide Intervention

This guide will tell you all you need to know about building interventions using the LifeGuide authoring tool.

Logic Dictionary

The logic dictionary provides a quick-reference guide to the full range of functions available within the LifeGuide authoring tool – what they are and how to use them. For more detailed explanation and examples please refer to our ‘How To...’ guide.

Testing your LifeGuide Intervention

This section will help you to thoroughly test your intervention

Deploying your Intervention

This section will tell you all you need to know about deploying your intervention on the LifeGuide Community Website.

Troubleshooting LifeGuide

This section guides you through how to solve errors occurring in your LifeGuide intervention.

LifeGuide Updates

Important updates to the LifeGuide software and supporting applications will be announced here

Useful Resources

A list of other useful sources of information that may help you to design an engaging and effective intervention

Contact Us

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