Logic Warnings

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This page explains what the logic warnings mean.

Fragments of page page_name were found in the intervention

This is caused by 2 possible things:

1. This can occur before the page has fully loaded. If you can still see Building workspace (0%) in the lower left corner, wait until that message has gone away and the warnings may disappear. Always wait until Building workspace has disappeared before working on or exporting your project.


2. This can also occur if you have deleted a page, but some of the files for that page have not fully deleted. For every page in lifeguide, there are 4-5 files that describe it, and sometimes the Authoring tool doesn't delete all of them. To delete them, open the workspace folder in your file browser (the path will be something like C:\Local\LifeGuide_v1.1.2\workspace ) and open your intervention folder. Find the files that are listed in the error and delete them.