Logic Errors

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This page details common logic errors and how to fix them.

Errors in the authoring tool will show in the Problems area at the bottom of the screen. It is best practice to fix errors as they appear as further errors in your intervention may not appear until the errors shown have been fixed. In addition, your intervention may not function correctly when previewing and testing.

Line 0 errors

- These errors usually indicate a mistake in your logic. This may be due to:

  • A function being incorrectly named or a capital letter being used instead of a lowercase letter, e.g. Savevalue instead of savevalue
  • A page not being shown in the logic, but a button being set to jump to that page

Required attribute is not defined: scr: <img alt=”Print My Goalsl” title=”Print My Goals”/>

This is a line 0 error. It means a button is set as an image instead of as text. To fix this error, you will need to find the page where a button is set as an image. Then elect Text under Button Properties and enter the text you would like to appear on the button in the Button text box.

Cannot find the page named 'register'

- Check the page exists by looking through the page list in the Project Explorer toolbar. If the page does not exist, create the page and the error should disappear.

- Check that you are showing the page in the logic file. If not, add the logic: show register in the appropriate place.

A button on this page is set to jump to 'register2, but this page doesn't exist

This means that a Jump button on the page specified in the Paths columns has been set to jump to register2 but either this page hasn't been created, or it is not being shown in the logic (so you will need to add show register2 in the appropriate place.)