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Sometimes your intervention looks fine in the Authoring tool, but doesn't work right on the Lifeguide Community Server or Lifeguide Live Server. This page helps you solve these problems.

My intervention isn't showing

This can happen if:

  1. You haven't uploaded your intervention/the intervention file was faulty
  2. The intervention name is misspelled
  3. Your internet connect is poor
  4. The server is down

For 1 and 2 you will get an error message on a blank page saying "This intervention doesn't exist..."

For 3 you will get a generic error message from your browser

For 4 you will get an error message asking you to contact the LifeGuide team.

If 4 occurs, you should close down and restart your browser and computer, and try a different browser on your computer to view the website (e.g. use Internet explorer rather than Google Chrome). If the problem persists, please contact the LifeGuide team.

Shortname links to wrong intervention


The Lifeguide Live server link does not match the intervention when you play it from your admin page:
does not link to the same intervention as

This may be caused by giving your intervention the same name on the Lifeguide Live server as on the Lifeguide Community server.

To fix this, back-up and delete old copies of your intervention from the Lifeguide Community Server.

To avoid this in the future, give all versions of your intervention different shortnames.

I can't delete my intervention from the server

Large interventions (or interventions that have a lot of data as they have e.g. been running for a long time with a lot of users) may experience issues when being deleted from the server. If you have any issues deleting your intervention from the server, please contact the LifeGuide team ( who can do this for you.

An error page appears when I try to access LifeGuide websites' admin pages

We have recently transferred LifeGuide to be run on central University of Southampton servers. Sometimes the LifeGuide team is not informed when they are undergoing maintenance. In some cases, this will only affect people connected to the University of Southampton network: participants may be able to access your interventions just fine. You can check this by going outside the network (for example, using your phone in mobile data mode while not connected to Southampton University WiFi) and attempting to access the website.

Please email the lifeguide team at if the website is down for longer than 30 minutes.