How to use the online version of EQ-5D in your intervention

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What is EQ-5D?

EQ-5D is a standardised questionnaire for use as a measure of health outcome.

Information on EQ-5D, including licencing, costs and a demo, can be found here:

How can it be used with LifeGuide?

The online version of EQ-5D can be incorporated into LifeGuide interventions. After clicking on a button on one of the pages in your intervention, end-users will be taken to the Euroqol website to complete the EQ-5D, and will then automatically return to one of the pages in your intervention.

The data from EQ-5D will be saved to the end-user and stored on our server with the rest of the LifeGuide data, provided the end-user completes EQ-5D and returns to your intervention via the appropriate page. Euroqol keep an anonymised copy of EQ-5D data on their system.

How do I get started?

When you have decided that you want to use the online version of EQ-5D in your intervention, you will need to fill out a registration form on the EuroQol website:

You will then be sent information on how to proceed. You will need a licence code from EuroQol, which you will need to insert into the LifeGuide logic for the pages to load correctly.

How do I set up EQ-5D in LifeGuide?

The example below refers to using EQ-5D in a baseline questionnaire and 6-month follow-up questionnaire.

EQ-5D is usually placed near the end of your baseline questionnaires.

Step 1 - Create the pages and add content

Create the pages

Baseline questionnaire pages:

In addition to your current baseline questionnaire pages, you will need to create the following new pages:

- baseline_eq5d_1 (this page will have a link that takes the end-user to the EuroQol website)

- baseline_eq5d_2 (this is the page that end-users return to after they have answered the questions on the EuroQol website)

Follow-up questionnaires pages:

You will also need to create two pages for the follow-up:

- followup_eq5d_1 (this page will have a link that takes the end-user to the EuroQol website)

- followup_eq5d_2 (this is the page that end-users return to after they have answered the questions on the EuroQol website)

Add the content to the pages

Page baseline_eq5d_1:

- Insert a text box and the following text (please adapt as necessary):

Thank you for answering all of the questions so far. There are just a few more short questions to answer. The next page will look slightly different to the rest of [Name of your intervention], as we had to use an external website to gather the information. Please do not close your browser. Please answer the questions and you will then be automatically redirected back to [Name of your intervention].

- Insert a text box, and cut and paste the following in the textbox properties box on the right-hand side of the authoring tool:

<printedVariable identifier="url" class="asAnchor" label="Please click here to continue"/>

Page baseline_eq5d_2:

- Insert a text box and insert the following text (please adapt as necessary):

Thank you for answering all of the questions. It is very important that you click on the 'Next' button below to save your answers.

- Insert 6 Text Entry boxes with the following Unique names (please make sure you enter the names exactly as they are below as you will refer to these names in the logic file):

1) hiddenauto_EQ5D_A

2) hiddenauto_EQ5D_SELFCARE

3) hiddenauto_EQ5D_M

4) hiddenauto_EQ5D_USUALACT

5) hiddenauto_EQ5D_PAIN

6) hiddenauto_EQ5D_VAS

These 6 text-entry boxes will be hidden from users and can be placed anywhere on the page.

N.B. It is important that end-users click on the Next button on this page so that their data is saved. If they do not click Next, their EQ-5D data will not be saved.

Page followup_eq5d_1

Please insert the same as on page baseline_eq5d_1 (details are above)

Page followup_eq5d_2

Please insert the same as on page baseline_eq5d_2 (details are above)

Step 2 -The logic - part 1 (3 lines)

The logic below will need to appear near the top of your logic file. If you copy and paste the lines below, there will be less of a chance that a mistake will be made when the logic is put into your logic file.

N.B. In the lines below, xxx refers to text that you need to change to make the logic specific to your intervention. You will only need to use one of the following lines, depending on whether you referring to an intervention you have uploaded online or you are viewing the intervention in Preview mode.

LifeGuide Community Website URL:

set eq5d_intervention_base_url to ""


Preview mode URL:

set eq5d_intervention_base_url to "http://localhost:38180/player/play/xxx"


The LifeGuide Live server URL or your own server URL:

set eq5d_intervention_base_url to "https://www................./xxx"

The xxx in the URLs above will need to match the short name of your intervention, which is the name you enter when you upload your intervention to a server. If you are previewing your intervention, the name of your intervention is the name of your folder as shown in the Project Explorer. If you are not sure about this, as easy way to find out the preview URL is to preview your intervention and once it loads in a browser, copy the URL and paste it into your logic file.

The second line of logic you will need is:

set eq5d_license to "xxx"

The "xxx" above needs to be the license code supplied by EuroQol

The third line of logic needs to be cut and pasted exactly as it is below in order for the data to be saved correctly:

set eq5d_base to (append ("", eq5d_license, "_endurlencoded_&RID=_beginurlencoded_", username, "_endurlencoded_&")).

Step 3 - The logic - part 2

The following logic will need to appear where you show the questionnaire pages to your users. This logic needs to be exactly the same as show below:

show baseline_eq5d_1

set baseline_eq5d_1.url to append(eq5d_base, "%3Fjumpto=", "baseline_eq5d_2", "%26thiz=", "baseline_eq5d_2")

show baseline_eq5d_2

show followup_eq5d_1

set followup_eq5d_1.url to append(eq5d_base, "%3Fjumpto=", "fu_3m_eq5d_2", "%26thiz=", "fu_3m_eq5d_2")

show followup_eq5d_2

We recommend adding the following lines so you know when users have completed the EQ-5D:

savevalue (username, "baselineEQ5Ddone", baseline_eq5d_2.hiddenauto_EQ5D_ANXIETY)

savevalue(username,"baseline_time", currenttime())

savevalue (username, "fuEQ5Ddone", baseline_eq5d_2.hiddenauto_EQ5D_ANXIETY)

savevalue(username,"fu_time", currenttime())

The data

The text entry interactions with the names starting "hiddenauto_EQ5D" will be filled in with the EQ-5D data.