How to start building and editing an intervention from scratch

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When starting an intervention, there are many things to consider. We recommend reading 'The Essential Guide to LifeGuide interventions' before you start - you can download this from the homepage of the LifeGuide wiki.

To create a new intervention:

  • Click on the New Intervention button
  • Choose a name for your intervention and type it in the Project name field. Each new name must start with a letter and cannot include spaces or any special characters (e.g. ( ) . ? /) , except for underscores (_) and hyphens (-)
  • Click Finish
  • A newly created project should appear in the Project Explorer.

Your intervention will already contain an intervention.lgil file. This is the file where you will write the logic for the intervention (although note that the logic for writing error messages to users is done elsewhere).

You cannot begin writing any logic in this file until you have created some pages. These pages will contain the content of your intervention.