How to show the same page more than once in the intervention

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There are a few reasons you may want to show the same page more than once in your intervention - your reason will effect the way in which you show the page more than once. Below you will see two example reasons with solutions for each. Hopefully from these examples you will be able to see which way is most applicable to you.

Example 1

  • You may want to show the same welcome page to users at the start of every session. When users click 'next' on the welcome page you want them to be taken to the correct starting point for the session they are due.
  • The simplest way to do this is to duplicate the page. Use the 'save as' function and save as something like 'welcome1', 'welcome2', etc. You can then place each welcome page in the right place in the logic.

Example 2

  • You may want users to be able to access a page regularly throughout an intervention. For example, an FAQ page, or a useful page of 'hints and tips'.
  • To do this you will need to make the page a 'pop-up' every time you put a link to it. The 'back' button on the page itself will need to perform the function 'close pop-up', which can be selected when adding the button. This page should be written in the logic in a separate section designed for pop-ups.

General notes on this topic

  • A combination of the above actions may need to be taken if you need your page to be embedded in the logic at one point in the intervention, and referred back to at a different point. It is safest to duplicate the page and adjust the second version so that users will not get lost i.e. get rid of any confusing links or next buttons which may cause the user to re-enter a previous session.