How to show the intervention pages to the user

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Upload your intervention

Once you have developed, fully tested and piloted your intervention and are now happy and ready to send it out to end-users (participants, patients, trainees etc), you can upload it to our LifeGuide server or your own server. Before you decide to use the LifeGuide server to host your intervention, please check our Use of LifeGuide Server Statement (currently available from the researcher help manual)

Live interventions are hosted on a separate server to those hosted on the LifeGuide Community Website to minimise any disruption to live studies that are collecting data (i.e. an intervention being tested on the LifeGuide Community site cannot bring down live trials).

If you would like us to host your intervention, you can arrange space on our server with a member of our team by contacting us. It is important for you to get in touch with us well in advance so we can discuss your memory requirements.

IMPORTANT – Interventions must be fully tested before going live. Once a version had been put on the live server it CANNOT be modified. However, it may be possible to upload new versions of your interventions onto our server but the data you have already collected will be separate (in the Intervention Manager and in the Excel spreadsheet) to the data which will be collected when end-users view the new version of your intervention.

How to show the intervention to end-users once it has been uploaded

Once your intervention is live you simply need to send your users the web link of the page you want them to start from.