How to record the time at which users viewed an intervention page or completed a particular section of the intervention

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The logic command currenttime() is used to record the time.

Example 1

show session1_page10 savevalue(username, "session1time", currenttime()) show session1_endpage

The above example will save the current time (in seconds) when users click on the next button on page session1_page10.

N.B. If users see session1_endpage more than once, session1time will be saved and overwritten each time they see it. If you want to only save the time the first time session1_endpage is seen, you can add a line of hasseen logic as shown in Example 2 below.

Example 2

savevalue(username, "session1time", currenttime()) if (not(hasseen (username, "session1_endpage")))

This logic will only save session1time if the page session1_endpage has NOT been seen by that user before.