How to make sure that users see intervention pages in the correct order

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Showing intervention pages in the correct order

  • Try to keep your intervention as simple as possible so that the flow of pages is not too complicated.
  • It is a good idea to make a diagram of your intervention that shows the flow of your pages and how they are connected. You can do this in MS Word, Visio or Powerpoint.
  • You will find it much easier to keep track of your logic if you organise it in a logical manner.
  • Make sure you write your logic in the order you want things to be seen. Use sub-headings to make sections. For example:

# Session 1

show page1

show page2

show page3

show page4

# Optional pages for Session 1

show mealoptions

show recipe1

show recipe2

  • By putting a '#' at the beginning of the line you can make it a heading or a note - LifeGuide will know this is not actual logic.
  • Try to keep optional pages at the end of the logic file.
  • Use 'Next' buttons as much as possible, rather than 'Jump' buttons. This way it is easier to see the flow of pages from your logic.