How to make sure that users are sent back to the last seen page when they log back into the intervention

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This function is especially useful when you have asked your users to fill out a questionnaire and they logout part of the way through the questionnaire. When they log back in, you can show them the last page they were on so they do not need to start at the beginning of the questionnaire.

after loginpage if (and( hasseen(username,"page3"), not(hasseen(username,"page4")) )) goto page3

The above example will goto page3 if page3 has been seen, but page4 has not been seen.

N.B. The hasseen logic refers to pages being shown to users. It does not take into account whether any responses have been given on that page or whether a button was clicked on that page. This is the reason that in the above example, users are taken back to page3, even though they have already seen this page, they may not have given any responses to any questions on page3.

For more information on hasseen, please click here.