How to give users a new password if they have forgotten it

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Manually changing an end-users password

Some end-users find it difficult to enter the automatically generated new password they are sent when they reset their password, and so as a last resort, you can change an end-user's password yourself, but for ethical and security reasons, we advise you to check the appropriate guidelines before doing this.

To change an end-user's password:

- Log in to the LifeGuide server where your intervention is hosted

- Select your intervention

- Click on Participant Admin (near the bottom of the page)

- Find the end-user who requires a new password and click on Show

- Click on Edit (you will find this underneath the Saved Data section

- Enter a new password in the Passphrase box. We recommend using a word and a number.

- Click on Update

- Call your end-user and let them know their new password. Recommend that they change it to something that is personal to them next time they login. Do not leave an answer phone message with details of the study and their password!