How to add text to a page

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There are 3 types of text boxes:

  • Normal - this is the most common text box and is shown every time the page is seen.
  • Feedback - these text boxes are only shown under certain conditions that you specify, for example, if the user is male or female, or in a particular group.
  • Error - these text boxes are shown only if the user has failed to enter essential information onto the page, and has tried to proceed to the next page.

When you add a text box using the button at the far left of the bottom tool bar, it will automatically appear as a 'normal' text box. You can change the type in the Other Properties section of Textbox properties in the right-hand grey tool bar.

When you add text to a page, it is very important to make sure the text box is bigger than the text inside the box. This is because some computer and internet browsers may make the text appear bigger and if the text box is not large enough, the text will move onto the next line and may overlap other text, sometimes making it unreadable.