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How to delete pages that are spam

Steps to deleting spam pages

  • 1. log in to the lifeguide wiki page
  • 2. Go onto Special Pages [[1]]
  • 3. Click on all pages [[2]]
  • 4. Choose from the options where you would like to start and click on said options
  • 5. Open up a page and read the first few lines, if it looks like spam delete it by clicking on the delete button at the top and press ok
  • 6. congratulations you deleted a spam page

What to do if you delete a page that is not spam

  • 1. If you have realised the page is not spam go to this page [[3]]
  • 2. Then click on the view/restore option on the page you deleted
  • 3. Then click restore
  • 4. Congratulations now the page has been restored