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A useful time-saving feature!!!

The copy and paste function is a great way of saving time when creating your intervention!! You can copy and paste objects within the same page or across pages.

The copy, paste and cut options work in much the same way as you will be used to in other programmes such as Microsoft Word. They allow you to copy and paste any object in your intervention.

To copy/cut and paste an object in the same page

  • Click on the object you wish to copy or cut
  • Press the copy or cut button on the Main Option Bar
  • Click on the paste button
  • Move the pasted item to the required position on the page.

When you paste an object it will be placed in exactly the same position as the original object so at first you may not think it has done anything. Simply click on the original and move the object. The copy, cut and paste function can also be used across pages and is particularly useful if you have an image or some text that recurs over a number of different pages. To do this, click on the original item on the original page and click on copy or cut. Then open the page that you want the copied item to display on and then click paste. The item will display on the new page in exactly the same position as the original item which is especially useful if you want an image, such as a logo, to display in the same position on each page. If you are using the same layout or image on a number of pages it may be worth setting up a template for these pages.

Copying an entire page

This function is particularly useful if each page has the same style and layout as this can be copied over from previous pages.

In some circumstances it takes less time to change the information in the textboxes and interactions than it does to create a new page from scratch.

  • Make sure that you have the page open that you want to copy.
  • Select Save As in the File menu of the authoring tool.
  • Choose a unique name for the new page, type it in and click OK.
  • You can also save the new page into a different project by selecting the folder from the list of existing interventions.
  • If you would like to copy your page into a new intervention you will need to create the intervention first.