Common user problems

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Here are the main issues that users have when using a LifeGuide intervention:

Wrong website

Sometimes users use a Google search to find an intervention rather than clicking a link in an email, or typing it in to the address bar. This can result in them attempting to use an entirely different website. Make sure that your participants know where to enter the address on their web browser, providing a screenshot of the front page indicating the address bar if necessary. Contact the LifeGuide team to have public access to an intervention removed so that participants cannot sign up to the wrong version by mistake. Intervention owners will still be able to access the intervention normally when they are logged into LifeGuide.

Wrong username/password

Sometimes users will forget their username and/or password. There is a function on the VRE and Live server that allows you to change the password of any participant. You can then tell the user their new password and ask them to change it as soon as possible.

If a user has forgotten their username, you will have to use your study database and the participant information on the server to find it again for them.