A note on terminology

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Throughout these help-files a number of terms will be used:

  • End user – will be used to refer to any person who may end up using the intervention that you have created in LifeGuide. These end-users may be participants of a research study, patients with a particular health or mental health problem or a student on a particular course.
  • Users/Researcher/intervention author – will be used interchangeably to refer to those who are creating interventions with LifeGuide
  • Intervention – will be used to refer to the end-product that you will be creating with the LifeGuide software. In some cases this may be a simple ten-item questionnaire that you have devised whilst in others this may be a set of eight sessions of cognitive behavioural therapy. We have refrained from using the word ‘website’ as although LifeGuide is used to develop a set of web resources, the focus of LifeGuide is on the development of tools that will aid behavioural change.
  • Object – this is a collective term for all the different elements that you can add to the intervention pages. Objects in LifeGuide include textboxes, interactions, media files (such as images, videos or audio files), buttons and containers.