5. Hints and Tips

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Here are some hints and tips that you may find useful. More of these will be coming soon!

If you are working with the LifeGuide authoring tool for many hours, you may find it slows down after awhile, particularly with large interventions. To speed things up, close and open the authoring tool. You can restart your computer to achieve faster results.

If you want to jump to a page when testing your intervention, you can include the following to the URL:


where X1 is the name of any page and X2 is the page you want to jump to.

E.g. http://localhost:38180/player/debug/MyIntervention?thiz=page5&jumpto=page5

In the above example, the intervention is called MyIntervention and you will be directed to page5.

When using this function, the intervention may not work correctly if you are skipping vital pages in the logic, e.g. the page where you create an account and/or save important information that is needed later in the intervention.

Logic file:

If you wish to find a specific line number, press Ctrl and L and enter the line number.

If you wish to find a specific piece of text, press Ctrl and F and enter the text. You can replace all occurrences of specific text by filling in the boxes for Find and Replace with, and selecting All