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Please note - This page will be updated as necessary. Please check back here for further updates.

10th August 2016 - If you receive an error related to Java, please check that you have the 32-bit version of Java 7 installed and not the 64-bit version. LifeGuide is not compatible with the 64-bit version. For more guidance, see Java.

15th March 2016 - LifeGuide is compatible with Java 7 and will not work with newer versions of Java. To download Java 7 for Windows, please follow this link:

24th November 2015 - The issue with 'rounded corners' on text boxes has been fixed on the servers and they should now be displaying correctly on the LifeGuide Community website and the live server. Preview mode will be fixed when the next version of the authoring tool is released.

28th September 2015 - There is a new function called Trim empty variables, which can be used when downloading data from the LifeGuide Community and Live servers. This function deletes empty columns that may appear in your data sheets, making it easier to clean your data and download larger data sets (Excel 2010 can't cope with more than 16,384 columns so deleting empty columns helps with this issue).

18th March 2015 - We have uploaded some pages to help end-users who are experiencing problems with their browser. You can provide a link to the following page in your intervention: We will update this page when necessary (i.e. when new browser bugs or other problems are found).

17th March 2015 - Log out buttons are not working correctly due to a bug so we recommend that at the end of each session, you direct users to a page that tells them to close their browser window and all browser tabs for security reasons. This is to prevent other people who may use their computer/tablet from viewing any information in the intervention.

16th December 2014 - When developing your intervention, we recommend identifying essential variables related to your outcome measures and saving them in your logic file using the savevalue function. This will ensure that your data is saved as User Data in the Excel file, and if there are any server problems or internet outages, your data will be saved (User data is saved as soon as users click on a button on a page, whereas Session Data is saved when a user finishes a session).

NB. In the Excel spreadsheet that you can download, responses entered into interactions are automatically saved in the Session Details sheet. Other variables can be manually saved using the savevalue command in the logic file and will appear in the User Data sheet. Please see the How to Guide for further information on exporting data.

18th November 2014 - If single/multiple-choice interactions have been customised in LifeGuide (by unchecking the Use global style option), they may not function in Internet Explorer 8. There are a few workarounds for this: 1) Delete the Response text and use text boxes to display text that you can customise, 2) Check the Use global stylebox so the default style is used or 3) Use a more recent version of Internet Explorer when testing and viewing the intervention.

4th November 2014 - There are issues with sliders not working with some older versions of Internet Explorer. They are working fine in Internet Explorer 11, so we recommend that all users download and use this version when viewing and testing their intervention if sliders are being used.

11th August 2014 - There are some bugs associated with the use of bigger buttons for single/multiple choice interaction and we recommend that you use the regular sized radio buttons until these bugs are fixed.

3rd September 2014 - We are no longer linking domain names from to the LifeGuide live server due to increased security on our server. Instead, the short name that you enter when you upload your intervention will be included in the URL.