Intervention Running Slowly

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LifeGuide interventions will run slowly for a variety of reasons:

  • High Resolution Images. If you have many high resolution images in your intervention, it may run slowly. Try to make sure that your images are no bigger than the size they will appear on your screen. The resolution needs to be no more than 72 dpi (dots per inch). There are many online tools available to resize your images, or you can use a image editing tool like photoshop or GIMP. Remember to save your image using a compressed file type like .png or .jpg .
  • Long or large videos. Interventions with many short videos or several long videos will run more slowly. Make sure your videos are compressed to a small size - participants are unlikely to be viewing them on surround sound cinema screens! Smaller video sizes will also make it easier for people with slow internet connections to view them. If you need many videos, it is best to publish them on an external site e.g. Youtube and link to them from LifeGuide.
  • Lots of logic on pages. Interventions run more slowly if you have more logic on the pages. Particularly, too many lines of this logic statement:
    if (...) set ... to ...
    make interventions run slowly.